Guide to Shopping online

Welcome to the Cincotta Chemist website. Just as in our store at Merrylands, this website aims to provide value for money and true customer service, that has seen us grow from small beginnings in 1951, to what locals now call 'an institution' with more than 120 staff members.

Our customers travel near and far to gain the benefits they've heard about:

  • Expert health advice from experienced professionals
  • Cheaper prices 'They're cheaper than anywhere else!'
  • A huge range of products 'It's big, like a supermarket!'
  • Superior service and advice from people who care 'They supply all my needs!'

At Cincotta Chemist you'll receive a friendly welcome in many languages. Our qualified pharmacists and trained staff are available to discuss your medications and treatment and to help you achieve significant savings on all your health needs.

Our History

Umberto Silvio Cincotta (became known as Albert) realised a lifelong dream when he opened his pharmacy in the outer Sydney suburb of Merrylands in December, 1951.

His motto was 'Famous for Value'. It was chosen to highlight his commitment to moving with the times and providing value for money with outstanding customer service.

Albert was one of the first chemists to provide prescriptions at affordable prices, a benefit greatly appreciated by the young hard-working families in Merrylands' early days. During the 1960s he recognised the need for customers to obtain pharmaceuticals after normal business hours and fought through the courts until he won the right to offer after hours trading.

From those small beginnings Albert's business has become an institution known throughout western Sydney - no mean feat in an area that has witnessed a huge population explosion and become home to people from many different cultures. Customers travel from as far afield as Armidale to Wollongong to enjoy the benefits of Cincotta Chemist's cheaper prices, great range and wonderful service. With the launching of our website it has now become even easier by saving you the need to travel.

Our business today

Albert's motto 'Famous for Value' has stood the test of time and is as true today as it was more than 50 years ago. We continue to offer the lowest possible everyday prices on each and every product. In addition, Cincotta Chemist has always been "Famous for Care". Our pharmacists and trained staff are always available to discuss your medications and treatment. We have up to seven Pharmacists at any one time as well as Naturopaths and Baby Clinic Nurses to cover any health care query you may have.

The business that Albert founded is still going strong in the main street of Merrylands. These days the shop sells a bigger range of products than ever, occupies three shop fronts instead of one, and serves an ever-expanding customer base which now reaches across Australia.

We have also started opening Cincotta Chemist Franchise Stores across Australia. With over 20 already and increasing - see our store locator to find the Cincotta Chemist nearest you.